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Domains Usage
DIODEMATRIX.COM Main domain for DiodeMatrix
Diodematrix Technologies domain (hardware division)
Diodematrix Technologies domain (software division)
SEPPDROID.COM Private domain
GIRAAL.COM Undisclosed project domain
GIRA.AL Part of the GIRAALCOM undisclosed project
GIRAPI.COM GIRAALCOM undisclosed API service
GIRAAL.ME Part of the GIRAALCOM undisclosed project
NORTHWYK.COM Brand powered by DiodeMatrix
MERDACOSTOSA.COM Online store powered by DiodeMatrix
KOLONISATIE.COM Undisclosed project domain & Email gateway
CINEAST.TV Undisclosed project domain
1OP6.COM Undisclosed project domain
000.00 The 'Minal' Shortlinking service by DiodeMatrix. NOTE: Issues with the registar
OGPEN.ORG The Online Gaming Preservation Network Organisation. Hosted by DiodeMatrix as an donation. DiodeMatrix is NOT responsible for anything OGPEN does.
UNDISX.COM UNDISX Document authenticity service. For documents released by DiodeMatrix or third-parties.

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